Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We know where it hurts you guys!

Having being told by my Sensei Somnath Pal about nearly a million times about rigorous doodling, I resort to some serious (umm.. nearly serious) sketching. This work is based on us how we, the weaker sex are aware of our counterpart's vulnerable spot and how we can manage a fine escape only by one tactful hit!


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

On blogging, bloggers and Subcultural Pornography!

Attention people, attention.

I have yet again come here with the sole purpose of writing yet another piece of shit that will either get comments like "you suck" or "why do you even bother!??". But here, I wish to tell those friends of mine [read Nishant and Sanjukta] that this time I resort to write something more than just two lines. What I intend to do is but a mystery to me but alas, I am here to give it a try.

Okay, so the reason as to why I never bothered to write much in here is because I was:
1. too busy sleeping
2. too busy with S.P.
3. too busy getting hyper about my NID exam

The thing that does piss me off at this stage is that none of it helped (apart from sleeping of course!)

So, from here on I shall start from the very beginning. The first time I heard the word blog, it was some three or four years back when my very brother Nanga Fakir told me about his own blog which was for me (and still is) so goddamn awesome!
Though I have read several blogs in the past three years, all I had in mind was that when I create my blog it'll be something like that of Nanga Fakir's. Full of movie reviews, list of books read and maybe some personal experiences written in a satirical fashion, but what I didn't know was the fact that it's so goddamn tough! Having being told by a few (including some friends, parents, well-wishers and Orkut fellow mates) that I was good with words, and that I could play with them in an appealing fashion I was compelled to (sort of) make a blog of my own.. but that's so not it, the main reason had been NID.
NID people are supposed to respect creativity, individuality and intellect. All of it is supposed to be in me, all I needed to do was show it! And voila, what could be better than a blog to show off what a wannabe asshole you are!
Sad scene is I screwed up my NID paper so bad that this blog ain't required anymore and hell, it can go to the pits..!

At this moment of dullness what seems best is if I indulge myself in something that's least artistic and most distracting.. No not a cigarette but Subcultural Pornography!
But sadly, all the losers are offline and it ain't any good at this hour of the day.

Ultimately all I have to say is "Life eej A hard..!"