Monday, December 28, 2009

2010 Plans

A lot needs to be done. Indeed, A LOT.

Things to do:

1. Practice Gomu-Gomu Ninja kicks on Nanga Fakir.
2. Give one last mock test. Tomorrow.
3. Pray.
4. Read Sin City.
5. Write about all the things that I want to write about (?).
6. Watch (n number of)movies.
7. Paint my room VIBGYOR.
8. Switch off my cellphone before going off to sleep.
9. *switches off her cellphone*
10. Zzz...

Monday, November 30, 2009

Mega Manga Mangrove

[Note: Apologies for the lame header, but I am a sucker for cool (?) alliterations.]

Here's a nearly official list of all the manga Bejin Hakumei has read until this date.

Shoujo Manga:

  1. 1/3 no Kareshi
  2. 7th Period Is A Secret
  3. Absolute Boyfriend
  4. Adarshan no Hayanome
  5. Ai Hime ~ Ai to Himegoto
  6. Aishiteruze Baby
  7. Akaku Saku Koe
  8. Akane-Chan Overdrive
  9. Alice 19th
  10. Anatolia Story
  11. Angel Sanctuary
  12. Appare Jipangu
  13. As The Death God Dictates
  14. Asa mo, Hiro mo, Yoru mo
  15. Ayashi no Ceres
  16. Baby It's You
  17. Backstage Prince
  18. Beast Master
  19. Beauty is the Beast
  20. Beauty Pop
  21. Bloody Kiss
  22. Blue Ramun
  23. Boku Ni Natta Watashi
  24. Boys Over Flowers
  25. Brilliant Magic
  26. Butterfly Bed
  27. Cain Saga
  28. Camelot Garden
  29. Cardcaptor Sakura
  30. Cat Street
  31. Ceres Celestial Legend
  32. Charisma Doll
  33. Cherry Juice
  34. Child's Toy
  35. Chouchou Kumo
  36. Count Cain
  37. Count Cain -Godchild
  38. Cristo
  39. Cutie Baby
  40. Daa! Daa! Daa!
  41. Dakishimete Noir
  42. Darker Than Black
  43. Datte Suki Nan Damon
  44. Desire Climax
  45. Emma
  46. Enren Debut
  47. Fairy Cube
  48. Fall In Love Like A Comic
  49. Faster than a Kiss
  50. Fruits Basket
  51. Full Moon wo Sagashite
  52. Gaba Kawa
  53. Gakuen Alice
  54. Gekka no Kimi
  55. Gentlemen's Alliance Cross
  56. Giri Koi
  57. Girl Got Game
  58. Gokinjo Monogatari
  59. Gold Rush 21
  60. Good Father
  61. Good Morning Call
  62. H2O
  63. Hana Kimi
  64. Hanatsuki Hime
  65. Hayabusa
  66. He's Dictated To Roses
  67. Help!!
  68. Hime gimi Tsukurikata
  69. Hot Blooded Women
  70. Hot Gimmick
  71. I Can't Sleep Alone
  72. Inuyasha
  73. Imadoki
  74. ION
  75. It's Love
  76. Kagen no Tsuki
  77. Kaikan Phrase
  78. Kamichama Karin
  79. Kamichama Karin Chu
  80. Kanshakudama no Yuutsu
  81. Kare First Love
  82. Kimi Shika Iranai
  83. King's Pawnshop
  84. Kiss in the Blue
  85. Koi, Hirari
  86. Koko no Iru Yo!
  87. Koukou Debut
  88. Love Strip
  89. Ludwig Kakumei
  90. Madmoisille Butterfly
  91. Meine Leibe
  92. Meru Puri
  93. Mind Game
  94. Mint no Bokura
  95. Miriam
  96. Moe Kare
  97. MT Pass
  98. Nine Puzzle
  99. Orange Planet
  100. Othello
  101. Otokomae Beads Club
  102. Penguin Brothers
  103. Psychic Detective Yakumo
  104. PxP
  105. Random Walk
  106. Reaching You (From Me To You; Kimi ni Todoke)
  107. Replay
  108. Ringo Nikki
  109. Romeo x Juliet
  110. Saboten no Himitsu
  111. Safe Again Today
  112. Sensual Phrase
  113. Shin Daa! Daa! Daa!
  114. Shinigami Lovers
  115. Shinrei Tantei Yukomo - Akai Hitomi Wa
  116. SOLD OUT!
  117. Special A
  118. Stroke Material
  119. Taranta Ranta
  120. Tenjou na Kajitsu
  121. Tenshi no Hane to Akuma no Shippo
  122. Time Stranger Kyoko
  123. Tokage Ouji
  124. Tonari no Hijiri-Kun
  125. Tonari no Inuyama-Kun
  126. Ultra Maniac
  127. WANTED
  128. When You Look Like An Angel
  129. You're My Girlfriend
  130. Yowaito Nikki
  131. Zettai Kakusei Tenshi Mistress Fortune
Slice of Life
  1. Adventure Boys
  2. AR ~ Forgotten Summer
  3. Binbou Shima Monogatari
  4. Kimagure Orange Road
  5. Koi no Kami-Sama
  6. Living Game
  7. My Sweet Sunday
  8. Parallel
  9. Sakura no Uta
  10. Yellow Book
  1. 090 - Eko to Issho
  2. 13
  3. Akuma Bengoshi Kukabara
  4. Ann Cassandra
  5. Aoi Destruction
  6. Apple
  7. Asklepios
  8. Ayu Mayu
  9. Bad Company
  10. Beck
  11. Belmonde le Visiteur
  12. BioMeat - Nectar Manga
  13. Black Cat
  14. Bloody Monday
  15. Bokke-San
  16. Bremen
  17. Code Geass - Nightmare of Nunally
  18. Cowa!
  19. Cross Over
  20. Crossing 25
  21. Death Note
  22. DNA^2
  23. Double Arts
  24. Doubt
  25. Dragonaut - The Resonance
  26. Eureka Seven
  27. Fairy Tail
  28. Gacha Gacha - Capsule
  29. God Eater
  30. Great Teacher Onizuka
  31. Hatsukoi Limited
  32. Hitomi no Catoblepas
  33. Inumimi
  34. Island
  35. Jyuki Ningen Jumbor
  36. Kajika
  37. Kanaeta Aizen
  38. Kingdom Hearts
  39. Koorihime Kitan
  40. Koi no Kami-Sama
  41. Level E
  42. Lilim Kiss
  43. Love Hina
  44. Love Letter
  45. M.C. Law
  46. Madofuki Park
  47. Mahoraba
  48. Mai-Hime
  49. Mai-Otome
  50. Majin Devil
  51. Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro
  52. Marugoto Anjyu Gakuen
  53. Meister
  54. Midori no Hibi
  55. Miyuki
  56. Muddy
  57. Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge
  58. 666 Satan
  60. Pandora Hearts
  61. Personant
  62. Phantom Wizard
  63. Pita-Ten
  64. Pretty Face
  65. Rosario+Vampire
  66. Saiyuki
  67. Sakuratetsu Taiwahen
  68. School Mermaid
  69. Show Me The Money
  70. Silvery Crow
  71. Souten no Koumori
  72. Snow in the Dark
  73. Stigmata
  74. Stray Dog
  75. Strawberry 100% (Ichigo 100%)
  76. Tales of Symphonia
  77. Tista
  78. to-LOVE-ru
  79. Tsukumo Happy Soul
  80. Ultra Red
  81. Urooboe Uroboros
  82. Vandread
  83. Video Girl AI
  84. Watashi no Messiah-Sama
  85. Yakuza Girl
  1. 20th Century Boys
  2. 21st Century Boys
  3. Billy Bat
  4. Boys Next Door
  5. Elfen Lied
  6. Eternal Sabbath
  7. Liar Game
  8. Maken X
  9. School Days
  1. 2001 Nights
  2. Angel Dust Neo
  3. Aqua
  4. Kagijin
  5. Kiddy Grade - Reverse
  6. Love Automation
  7. Love Neko
  8. Made in Heaven
  9. Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam
  10. Momoza de Sarada
  11. Onegai Teacher
  12. Organic
  13. Normal City
  14. Outlanders
  15. Standard Blue
  16. Telepathic Wanderers
[End Note: I assume there's quite a lot that's left out. Anyway, I don't think this post is going to be well scrutinized by any of my blogger friends as such. Also mentionable here is the fact that though I have read all this stuff, a lot of it was sheer shit. So, I don't want the junta to come raging their piss on me because "it didn't turn out to be as cool as it (possibly) sounded". In case of serious need, ask me which ones are readable. And I formally announce that I am totally over this manga-reading bug in me cause the content is mostly cliched and absolutely predictable. Only on-going stuff will be dealt with in the future (example: One Piece, Bleach, Fairy Tail etc.) If anyone has a hard time reading some manga that I have already read (refer to my list for that), you are free to come and ask me for the brief story and it goes without saying that spoilers will be offered most genuinely.]

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What Seems Good, Is Wrong.

PS: Sorry for the ultra bad picture quality, but I am the kid without a scanner.
PPS: Comments are welcomed, though critiques are not.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pre-Examination Mantra

Run, rabbit run.
Dig that hole, forget the sun,
And when at last the work is done
Don't sit down it's time to dig another one!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Can't Help But Wonder..

I can't sleep tonight. It's just this trail of thoughts that keeps me awake. Nothing serious. Thoughts seem to come to me one after the other and I notice that in the darkness of my room and the little blue light from my speaker that illuminates it minimally, a weird shadow imprinted on the ceiling. It's my left hand over there! Excited by this sudden gush of child-like curiosity, I start painting my ceiling with the short-lived shadows I can create with my hands acting like some manipulative but sincere pair of models. Folding, bending, twisting both my hands to cast a shadow like that of a little rabbit, a dog (with no noticeable change from the rabbit's), a stone (easiest), a moving evil eye (by joining the index finger with the thumb, aligning the other three fingers behind the index finger and using the thumb of the other hands to move between it's corners to make it look like the moving iris of the eye keeping track of every movement inside the room), makes me really believe in a sort of a mystical randomness.

It's getting cold these days and I need a blanket to put me off to sleep. I keep the fan switched on though. My feet are all cold and numb. I don't like it one bit, this way. So I jolt up to cover them properly (and this time, with great caution because I really do want to go off to sleep and dream until the end of time). You know, the thing is... I hate to think knowingly.

So there I am lying on my bed like a log with no apparent movement, trying really hard to concentrate on black and desperately waiting for Mr. Sandman to do his job on me. As I lie here staring at my pillow kept next to me, I feel...

"...Wait a second!" I say to myself, realizing that my pillow lay beside me and not under my head like it is for most people. So, I stare at my pillow thinking how lonely it must feel just lying there all by itself as if it is not required. I kinda know this feeling. It's familiar. Like a déjà vu, I picture myself as this little girl patting her small little pillow as if it were her dog then pressing the fast forward button, and jumping ahead a few years from then, I see this exact picture of me holding my pillow, asking if it got hurt when under my head.

Over the years I have changed relatively and I consider myself a way more matured person than I was then so why is that even now, after ten long years this feeling to only feel for the scientifically 'non-living' remains? I chuckle at myself in that darkest light like a vamp from some TV serial and look at my pillow scornfully and say it in my head "Yeah, I remember.."


I am this stupid psycho who has never had a pillow under her head from the time she first felt sorry for her pillow and apologized for having hurt him (!?). This feeling is not new. I have been a girl who has been feeling sorry for her pillows all her life.

Mystical randomness, is it?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Blah Blah

From the dead corners of my mind comes a new one liner as shitty as ever!

'He said he liked long nosed women and so... I smirked.'

Friday, October 9, 2009

An Analytical Tale Of Two Lost Souls

Disclaimer: Shoujo in it's content, lame otherwise and in addition, quite long (boring).

The following will be a rather analytical tale of two people of the opposite sex held together by some amount of mutual attraction for quite sometime but because I am a sucker for more realistic ends, I don't plan their admiration for each other to last an eternity.
Anyway, according to the given condition, we have a man and a woman in this story. I will first sketch out a little of their character traits.
So, let's start by assuming the man to be a handsome youth over six feet, rich, with a sexy body. One who's a smooth bastard, dark, mysterious and above all a subtle womanizer. Hmm, quite a personality there! Idealizing the situation is okay for starters. About the girl, let's assume she's a shorty, not over 5' 4", independent, an appealing persona in a strange way, an individual in a nerdy fashion, wears specs, is satisfied with things more or less, terribly moody and a bit overly dense.
How do they meet? Well, looking at how the characters are, there is hardly any resemblance, but supposedly they are both well read people, we can consider them meeting in a mutual club about the books and all.

Scene 1:

[A huge building right in the midst of the fast moving city life of Mumbai. From beggars to entrepreneurs to Bollywood celebrities, everyone can be majorly described as 'busy'. Inside this building is an auditorium where the rich and sophisticated individuals from the city gather together in the pretext of discussing books. Socialites, party freaks (who apparently are jobless during daytime), wannabe businesswomen etc. can be found here on Saturdays bitching about some others who couldn't make it that particular Saturday.]

Club President: We will continue like always. Please form groups of at least five people, discuss a book belonging to the genre of romance and then anyone can volunteer to submit a book review which in turn will be published in our monthly magazine.

[women chattering]

But, before that, I would like to introduce Mr. Bhasin to you all. After his graduation from the University of London, he has now moved to Mumbai in order to take care of his business here. Please make him feel welcomed.

[Mr. Bhasin is introduced to some of the people personally and he has no problem socializing with anyone. He is made to join a group of five where he is the only man. The women seem awfully happy about it. Random pseud discussions about books and other things which they would prefer calling 'life' continues until it's time to get ready for Mumbai's
much talked about night life.]

Club President: Hopefully, you all must have been done by now. By next Saturday, I want a report from each of the seven groups. Thank you all. Have a nice day.


Scene 2

[The pseud crowd reunites once again this Saturday.]

Club President: Thank you all for your genuine interest. I have your reports here. Everyone please continue. This week's genre is fiction. Mr. Bhasin, can I have a kind word with you?

Mr. Bhasin: Certainly.

Club President: I really appreciate your enthusiasm and active participation, but now that you're here, you should know how this works. Your writing needs polishing and it can't be published the way you have written it.
But don't worry, the published review will be in your name, Sir.

Mr. Bhasin (agitated but patient enough): I see.

Club President (nervous): ... if you want we can..

Mr. Bhasin (interrupts): It's not a problem. Anyway, can I go back to my seat now?

Club President: Ah, sure.

[Mr. Bhasin's ego is hurt but that is not enough for him to lose out on his sanity. Grinding his teeth doesn't help until he notices a rather fragile looking creature hiding her face within the shade of her left arm and scribbling out something passionately in what seemed like a rather worn out diary. Mr. Bhasin is struck by curiosity and he goes to sit right next to her. She doesn't notice him much.]

Mr. Bhasin: So, you don't seem too interested.

Woman: I am writing.

Mr. Bhasin: What exactly?

Woman: A review on Pride and Prejudice.

Mr. Bhasin: But.. er, I wrote one on it. They refused.

Woman (taking off her spectacles, she looks straight into his eyes without any fear): So it's you because of whom I have to write this shit in an hour's time.

Mr. Bhasin (taken aback for a second, then a smirk spreads across his handsome face): Yeah, it's me. They call me Mr. Bhasin.

Woman (puts on her spectacles and continues to scribble): Hmm, that rich guy 'Mr. President' was talking about. Anyway, I am Tarunima.

Mr. Bhasin: First name dealing here, eh!? Well then, call me Aniket.

Woman: You can call me Miss Sharma if you want.

Mr. Bhasin: No, Tarunima is fine by me. Anyway, what are you doing!? I mean, you don't look like you belong here. Furthermore, you're a kid, midget. What is your age? Twenty?

Tarunima:! I am twenty-one. I work here as a part timer. I write them reviews and get paid a little from what you rich guys 'donate'. Poseurs.

Aniket: Whoa! You sure are pissed off! But you know what's great!? I am twenty-four. We could.. you know..

Tarunima: Please spare me, Your Highness.

Aniket: Haha..

Scene 3

[The following Saturday two socialites 'discuss' about Mr. Bhasin and 'that' girl's growing friendship.]

Mrs. Mathur: Who is that girl anyway!? I have never noticed her in any of the parties.

Miss Verma (giggles mockingly): Not to worry Mrs. Mathur, she's just some miserable girl dreaming to find her place in this city. Heard she works here as a part timer and gets paid for writing book reviews for our magazine. Can you beat that!

Mrs. Mathur: Who knows. Girls these days are ambitious even if they come from a strong family background. And she is young and pretty to some extent. I was thinking if I could set up Aniket with my daughter Meenakshi. You think he has already fallen in for this girl!?

Miss Verma: Oh no! Be assured. Meenakshi's going to make a good pair with him. All the luck, Mrs. Mathur.

Mrs. Mathur: I hope it's as you say. Thank you.

[While these two chitter-chatter about them, they on the other hand are discussing something totally unexpected.]

Tarunima: You really suck if you don't know what Dexter's Laboratory is.

Aniket: You can't possibly expect a businessman like me to know about.. err, whose laboratory!?

Tarunima (raises her eyebrows): Dexter's.

Aniket (laughs): I was kidding, you kid. And don't freak me out with that look on your face. I have seen Dexter's Lab once.

Tarunima: ONCE!? I will make you a DVD and you have to watch it.

Aniket: Oh come on.. I am a busy man. Cartoons are for kids like you.

Tarunima: Stop going to random parties and you will have a lot of spare time for yourself.

Aniket: Leave that. I just realised I really like talking to you, so let's meet up tomorrow for a cup of coffee.

Tarunima: For a coffee!? Man, you are so disappointing! You're rich to begin with, then you can't write convincingly, you give donations to these sophisticated clubs instead of giving it to homeless kids, then, you are a businessman and now coffee! You've got it all, all that's needed of a perfect pseud.

Aniket (smirks kindly): You want to go to a dhaaba?

Tarunima: I am busy.

Aniket: When are you free?

Tarunima: Next Saturday.

Aniket: Okay.

Tarunima (amused by the reaction for a second): Okay.


Scene 4

[Aniket in his posh convertible arrives ten minutes early that Saturday expecting Tarunima to be a punctual soul only to realise that she is not what she might seem to be. When the meeting is about to begin, Tarunima reaches her destination in an auto and though she is late it doesn't stop her from innocently requesting the auto driver to spare her five petty bucks. Aniket who was waiting for her outside all along, rushes towards her and pushing her back into the auto sits next to her and tells the auto driver to take them to Bhau Daji Lad Museum
. Tarunima is dumbstruck.]

Tarunima: What exactly do you think you're doing!? We have to go to the meeting.

Aniket: We can bunk sometimes, ya' know?

Tarunima: I am not rich. I am paid man!

Aniket: Calm down.

Tarunima: But..

Aniket: I am not taking you for coffee, so you can stop cribbing.

Tarunima (smiles): And you're in an auto too!

Aniket: See!

[The rest of the day is spent together talking about things in general. About Aniket's life in London and Tarunima's life in Mumbai. About the rich and the poor. About her decision to make her life on her own and about his decision to continue his family's business. They travel around the city and have fun. Later that night...]

Aniket: So, are you dating someone?

Tarunima: You think I have the time to!? Living through the day is exhausting enough. I don't think I need a man to add to my troubles.

Aniket: I see..

Tarunima (teasingly): What about you? I bet you have girls all over you. You do have a girlfriend, no?

Aniket: I did. There was this girl whom I loved most sincerely but things didn't turn out the way we wanted. It ended up in a disaster, haha. After that, I had many relationships. Nothing worked out because I never fell in love again... I think it's an inability of sorts. To trust someone enough to submit yourself to them completely without giving it a second thought, is not my cup of tea. I am a rich guy, I party, I get high and mostly, I have a girl to get me through the night but it's a waste. They get attached and I don't feel a thing for them. I laugh at them for even thinking of stuff beyond the bed. I walk out when some slut wishes to have what they term as a 'pillow talk' with me.

Tarunima: I see... Don't worry. You'll get a slut to get you through your life.

Aniket: I think I have found one. She isn't really a slut but I think she'll be a wild kitty in bed!

Tarunima: Really!? Then go get her!

Aniket (initially straight faced, then he lights a cigarette, takes in a puff or two and smiles): Getting her... is going to take time.

Tarunima: You can fool around until then.

Aniket (teasingly): Yeah! I am game for that. Want to sleep me off tonight, Taru!?

Tarunima: Eww, never!

Aniket (thinks): It's going to take a long long time..

[This scenario of talking about stuff continues over days and it gradually begins to take shape when it turns into a sort of addiction wherein a day without a talk or two with the other, is not a day well spent. Aniket takes out Tarunima to various of his parties and sophisticated concerts. Tarunima on the other hand makes Aniket watch Dexter's Laboratory.]

Scene 5

Aniket: I was thinking, are we a couple?

Tarunima: Oh hell no!

Aniket: And why not.

Tarunima: For one, we don't make out.

Aniket: Oh well, I could do that.

Tarunima: Shut up!

Aniket: No seriously. Aren't we.. umm.. you know?

Tarunima: Aniket, you suck.

Aniket (smirks): You could do that too!

Tarunima: Oh come on! And anyway, what about that girl you liked eh!? You men, change over a matter of weeks!

Aniket (straight faced): You're dumb.

Tarunima: What did you say?

Aniket: No, you're dense.

Tarunima (silent)

Aniket: Don't you get it?

Tarunima: Okay, now I do. Be mature for a change.

Aniket (irritated): Fine. In fact, it's good this way, you know. I am too dark a guy for you anyway. In addition, you don't love me. No point. You're right. In fact, you always are. Anyway, I am going back to my place now. Too much bullshit. Let's call it a day.

Tarunima (silent)

[That night, Tarunima stays up throughout contemplating over what Aniket had said. She curses herself for being so dense. It's then that she realises that the kind of characters she hated the most is what she herself is. She feels miserable thinking of all the times Aniket did stuff for her but she never even noticed. To think of it now, gave her this weird feeling in her belly. Unable to sleep, she concludes it's been far too long she pursued her search for the ideal man she always dreamt of. Aniket was full of flaws. Definitely not what she wanted. He was rich, pampered, overly ambitious and fake when it came to the various subcultures she religiously followed. He was stupid and liked to think he was dark and incapable of loving. And while she thought of all this, it suddenly struck her that this was the guy who made her overthink! She hadn't done that for ages now. The last time she probably gave something a thought was when she left Kanpur and came to Mumbai to 'make it big' without the apparent approval of her parents. She was in... for him. That richie. That pseud.]

Scene 6

[The next week is painfully slow for the both of them. On one hand is Aniket, who is sure there is nothing beyond this and on the other hand is Tarunima, confused as to how to make things the way they were or maybe, they way they could be or more appropriately, should be. Both dread the coming Saturday. Aniket is not eager to face her and Tarunima is nervous how to do the talking. When they both see each other the following Saturday, Aniket sits with some other group and Tarunima can't do a thing because she has to write reviews for various books.]

Mrs. Mathur: Seems like these two aren't "friends" anymore.

Miss Verma (giggles): I told you, you needn't be afraid. After all.. she was just an ordinary girl. Mr. Bhasin had a fun time like always. I wonder if she charged him too.

Mrs. Mathur (laughs): Can't blame her for it though. It's tough to survive in this city if you're not one of us.

[Aniket over hears their talk. After sometime, they call it a day because of some political rally about to take place in sometime. Everyone takes their leave.]

Tarunima: Aniket!

Aniket (turns around): Yeah?

Tarunima: Umm.. I wanted to speak to you.

Aniket: About what?

Tarunima: Well, about what happened last time.

Aniket (fakes a laugh): Haha. Don't bother. I was just trying to have my way with you. Must admit you were a tough chic to crack!

Tarunima: I know I was ..not exactly..

Aniket: Look woman, I don't have any interest in you now. I am disappointed somehow.

Tarunima: Huh?

Aniket: See, I know you're dense so I'll spell this out for your convenience, I-don't-like-you. Okay? Now, if you could spare me, I have to go somewhere.

Tarunima: Wait. You needn't put up a show. I know..

Aniket (irritably): Tch. Please leave me be.

[Leaving a dumbfounded Tarunima behind, Aniket drives off in his black Merc. That night, Tarunima though hurt couldn't help but think that it was all because the last time they spoke, she didn't react the way she should have. She just knew he cared. And knowing how emotional he was, she decides to pursue him even if he keeps this up. She tries calling him but he doesn't pay heed and if he did, he'd be as passive as she'd never known him to be. She took all the insults of him calling her a slut, a greedy bitch etc. just because in her heart she knew he needed her and what was more that she needed him much the same.]


Scene 7

[Tarunima awaits the arrival of Aniket the following Saturday. When Aniket shows up, she goes straight to him and says she wants to talk it all out.]

Aniket (in a bored manner): Now what?

Tarunima (determined): Let's talk.

Aniket: About?

Tarunima: I'll be straight here. Be honest and tell me, do you like me or not.

Aniket: I did.

Tarunima: And now?

Aniket: 'Did' is past tense, right?

Tarunima: Cool.

Aniket (sarcastic laugh): I love it when you try to act all nonchalant. It's funny.

Tarunima: Hmm.

Aniket: Anyway, if we're done, please allow me to proceed to the hall.

Tarunima: Wait.

Aniket (turns around): Taru..nima, I am flying back to London by the end of this month. Please, don't bother me. Okay?

Tarunima: Okay.

Aniket (after a brief pause): I have left some CD's in my car.. for you. Take it as a parting gift.

Tarunima (in a heavy voice): I don't think I will like them.... Do me a favour and tell that fucking President that I am sick today but will be back next Saturday.

Aniket (restraining himself): Okay.

Tarunima (hurt and crapped up): Do you.. hate me?

Aniket: No. It's more like ...indifference.

Tarunima (smirks): Know what? You were right. You are damaged and I wanted to fix you up.. just like I love fixing up errors in general.

Aniket: Good you're out with it. I won't blame you for saying this. Now, goodbye.

Tarunima (smiles): Yeah, bye.

[Tarunima leaves. She thought she failed miserably. And, she hated it was true. It was her ego playing all along after all. It was just as he had once said to her, '' don't 'love' me, you just 'need' me...'' and, he was right. Only thing being, it was a condition sufficient for her to submit herself to him.]


Note: I hope this is came along as realistic as possible. And anyway, romance is an idealistic idea to begin with. Where sci-fi fails, romance excels cause exaggeration and out worldly things find it's place with or without reasons.

Friday, October 2, 2009


The following will be my final post of the tutorials series because I am not creative enough to come up with cool ideas on a regular basis. Also mentionable here is the fact that the given tips, suggestions, ideas and advise are for the single desperate losers.

YUME boy, do remember the great Bejin for her generosity!

Lesson 3

How to get yourself a boyfriend/girlfriend in 10 simple ways:

1. Assuming you are desperate enough to not demand, the first suggestion would be to at least put in efforts and try to lure the opposite sex. Make sure you are not in love with anyone beforehand cause it would lead to shitty (often hilarious for the others) circumstances.
2. Crucial note here is, that you have to be desperate enough yet not communicate your desperation to the other! This is when the subtlety comes into play. Be subtle and go with the flow.
3. Be presentable. This one is really important! Don't be a physically doomed person. You have to be the kinds your to-be girlfriend/boyfriend could possibly flaunt around. Being a shame to her/him will only lead stuff to a disastrous end sooner or later because you're not in love yet. Being in love is convenient because then you don't give a damn (as they say in shoujo manga and romantic novels). For further help in this sub category refer to lesson 2.
4. Don't be fake. Just somehow, I know the other person couldn't be that dumb. Or maybe they can but then if so is the case, you don't need tutorials. You can just fool them and get them to give you the kind of romantic pleasure you desire.
5. Set a target, get experimental and be convincing.
6. Don't be demanding. Always remember the fact that you're the one whose desperate, not them! The catch here is, never stoop low and beg the other cause that might lead to two situations. One, where they start considering you a nobody and take you for granted. Two, they start considering you for a competent servant.
7. Be confident. That's true for everything. Sometimes a wrong person with great confidence can make you doubt yourself.
8. Be aware. Awareness here should not be confused with being aware about global warming and soil erosion. Be aware of your target mission. Get to know about their likes and dislikes. Act accordingly, make them take notice of you and just get them to like you. After that, it's an easy manipulation.
9. Honesty. Don't lie about stuff like your past records, relationships and life in general. A lie is caught sooner or later and from what I know, many people aren't liberal enough to take you after that without being judgmental.
10. Have a confidante by your side to help you out in crucial situations. Bejin's awesome tutorials are not a user specific guidance. Also, make sure your 'confidante' is not your jealous 'friend' head over heels for the girl/guy you're gawking at.

Note: Do not complain if this doesn't help. Remember, this is not the genre BH deals in. All she has done is just read over a hundred shoujo manga, watched some related movies and been a fan of Rumiko Takahashi and Jane Austen in her pre-teens.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Bejin is back on blogger once again and this time, with a new list of suggestions, tips and advise for her humble followers.

Lesson 2

How to look sexy in 10 simple ways:

1. Wear cool clothes. Now this one might come out as tricky, for everyone has an individual sense of style and fashion, but majorly, stuff can be broadly divided as cool and uncool. If you don't have faith in your choice, consult a relatively better and fashion conscious friend. If your friends suck much the same, please pray.
2. Accessories. This one is important in a religious sort of way. The kind of accessory you adorn, reflects your personality, taste and choice. Watches, arm bands, neck pieces, belts, beaded jewelery etc. come in this category. Take time to choose your kind of accessory and make sure you don't just wear anything and everything.
3. Elegance is crucial. Remember, everything is acceptable and even appreciated if it is elegant and graceful enough.
4. Keep it simple. People who overdo, suck. Simpleton is awesome.
5. The hair! A major area to direct your kind attention to. A good hairstyle makes the ugliest of creatures look good. This might not be an easy task for frizzy, curly and sometimes, even for straight haired fucks, hence, I suggest you consult a hairstylist.
6. Now because we really are discussing about how one can try to look sexy, talking about footwear is only natural. Mismatch and randomness doesn't help, neither does ignorance. The footwear must be well in sequence with the clothes. Imagine high heels on baggy pants and a lose T-shirt.
7. A good face always helps but if your parents were some alien from Hooga-Land, make-up is just the thing that might be of some help to you. For girls, simple black eye paint and lip gloss would be cool enough. Try a little blush on and eye shadow, if you know you can carry it off. For the guys, it's necessary to know if facial hair do you justice or not. Get a beard style that fits your face cut and features and you're done. Guys can't do much anyway.
8. Knowledge about oneself is necessary. One must be aware of their assets and hold the knowledge to flaunt it well too. Booby bitches, butt sexy hotties, clean chested guys, long legged females, muscular men, pretty handed lot, nice feet people, whatever, just be aware and do the needful.
9. Color scheme plays a crucial role. One could look sexy in a flashy orange and look pathetic in black if you don't do the selecting job well. Color matters. A lot! Wearing a green tie with a blue coat, white shirt and brown pants will lead you nowhere and a very matchy-matchy selection might be equally disastrous as well. So, a simple trick is to not wear more than three colors and make sure there is a little something to break the monotony of the scheme yet not hamper the elegance of the whole look. Wear what you can carry off well.
10. And in the end, I suggest you give up. On a personal level, I just know, some people can never look good no matter what they try to do, hence, just give up or... get a plastic surgery done and rob a bank in order to buy yourself expensive and sexy clothes, accessories etc.

PS: Out of all the crap mentioned above, pay heed only to point no.10 because it's the most well thought of, realistic and direct approach to this lesson.
PPS: Zetsuboushita? Well, just curse the sexy and pray to the Lord Almighty for a better face and physique in the next life.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Here's Bejin Hakumei with her free of cost, oft-repeatedly exclusive and kickass tutorials to help her followers grow.

Lesson 1

How to act cool in 10 simple ways:

1. Freak out at the mention of the word 'music' and talk about the various famous (rock) bands.
2. Tell, you read. A lot.
3. Say "dude, you're paranoid" whenever you can't come back with a witty reply.
4. Use the word 'cinema' instead of movie/film/picture.
5. Admit, you don't give a damn.
6. Make efficient use of the word 'fuck' (in other words, use it
at least twice in a single sentence).
7. Nonchalance!
8. I am not too sure of this one, but experts suggest wearing converse.
9. Slogan T-shirts with Che Guevara's illustration in it, help a lot.
10. Finally, just say you hate pseuds like Bejin Hakumei.

Hope this helped.
If not, I suggest you re-read the word 'free' in the opening lines of this post.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Battle Of The Wannabes

Q: Who is a better wannabe?

a) Bejin Hakumei
b) Anant~aka~Snarl
c) Photogenic Devil
d) All of above


sidspacewalker: This one's hard!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ballerina Blackouts

Ballerina Blackouts is the name of my own comic strip.

*junta claps*

I haven't given much thought to it though.

*junta loses interest*

But! But, I do have a clue!

*junta listens*

The idea is to create a 16 year old girl, facing everyday shit while struggling with her hormonal changes and new-found interests. This will be her tale wherein she will portray a rather weak character of an uninteresting person. She'll be the kinds who try and often fail but never really give in. The kinds who are a loser in almost every way and the kinds who often end up taking advise from their friends. She might occasionally get witty and be appreciated by the fellow characters.
The characters' name have still not been decided.
The confusion is because Indian names somehow suck when it comes to all this and well, Western names are not what I am looking for. One way is to chuck both Hindi and English and seek refuge in the ultra cool Japanese language but that option is ruled out because half of you won't appreciate it. So then the name deciding is left for later.

In the beginning, the strip will be uploaded randomly but after getting the Photogenic Devil and a few others to beg for it, I might as well make it weekly.

This is what it might look like, in all probability.

PS: If this continues, I might create a new label!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mic Testing

I am here to formally announce that I am fairly happy and contented for the time being.
The past few days have been a good (apart from random mood swings which keep happening to me) cause I completed a lot of manga(s), anime series, books and movies.

Here's the list of what is done:

Anime Series:
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

(A fellow anime lover suggested this awesome site called AnimeStash)

Anime Movies:
Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind
Spirited Away
My Neighbor Totoro
Perfect Blue
Tokyo Godfathers
Mind Game
Whisper Of The Heart

(AnimeStash is the site for this. Trust me!)


Watchmen (Graphic novel-revised)
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (Graphic novel-revised)
Persepolis (Graphic novel)
Diary (Novel by chuck Palahniuk)
Survivor (Novel by chuck Palahniuk)
The Depressed Person (Short Story by David Foster Wallace)
Love In The Time Of Cholera (Gabriel García Márquez)
Neuromancer (William Gibson)

(From the Fakir dude's collection except for Persepolis, which in turn, I read in Landmark itself)

The Bow
A Tale Of Two Sisters
Dil Se...
House Of Flying Daggers
My Girl
Peace Hotel
Search For One Eye Jimmy

(Watched all these on T.V. except Irreversible, for obvious reasons)

Angel Sanctuary
Appare Jipangu!
As The Death God Dictates
Binbou Shimai Monogatari
Himegimi No Tsukurikata
Living Game
One Piece
Camelot Garden

(OneManga has always been my favorite manga site)


Apparently, there's a lot more that I plan to do in the coming few days. Not to forget, I am churning out pages of shitty doodles everyday too.

Let's just say that I am busy out of my joblessness.

A new list of accomplishments... Coming Soon!
PPS: Perhaps.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

All's Well?

Apparently not. No comments to fart back at, all thanks to recession.


Sunday, August 30, 2009

New Age English, Typos and Convenient Abbreviations

Orkut is indeed the best place to observe where the world is heading.
That's the short for 'laughing out loud'.
And wait, there's just so much more.
If you wish to sound more cool use a LMAO instead which might be interpreted as an exaggerated and cooler version of LoL cause it stands for 'laughing my ass off'.
The 'ass' part of which makes you stand out and look like you're KeWler than the others.
As a result of this you might even get a few friend requests with a (now) default message which reads: 'Hi ___, I wannabe your orkut friend, ___'

Apparently, these cool abbreviations and random typos can lead to some of the most hilarious errors ever.

For example:

I m waiting here, just cum.
Did u receive my testis???

And that's so not it.
Look at your keyboard and see how the 'u', 'i' and 'o' are right next to each other.

Consider a sentence:

I want you to love me written as I want u 2 luv me ultimately turning out to be I want i 2 luv me.
Hmm. Quite a narcissist!

Despite the new age cult of eff-bee(ing) with constant status updates giving us the minute details of dull individuals' boring lives like: I think I should get a haircut, My dad is in the hospital. Plz pray, It's my friend's neighbour's dog's birthday today, our old Orkut continues to flourish with some of the best online disasters ever.

Pick up a random person's scrapbook and see how a plain 'how are you?' is written as 'who r u........???????' Look closely and notice how both time and labour has been saved but don't consider having a closer look or you might just go into a trance if you're some English scholar from eight grade cause dUdez the 'how' has turned into a 'who'.
It's a plain typographical error but when the error is recurring it gets painful.

Like this: Wh R u? i ws ThnKng Og giVn u my tEsTis sO u rEmMbR em evn aftr 4erv. PlZz dUn sAy nO 2 meh Mahnz!!!!!

Anyway, this was just an exercise to let out some frustration but anyone in need for more kewl slang, abbreviations, tips etc. can contact me at:

With loyalties intact,
BeJIn HaKumEizz

Bejin's Top Five (Part 2)

Classroom disasters:

5. When the teacher is over sixty years old.

Teacher: Now who will tell me something about the structure of allylic halides?
Bejin: *hides inside her book*
Teacher: You! The one whose trying to hide there.
Bejin: *nervous smile* *looks around hoping someone would prompt* *gives up* I ..don't know..
Teacher: It's a shame!
Bejin: *in a moment of random revelation* The halogen atom in allylic halides is bonded to an
sp3 hybridised carbon atom.
Teacher: *taken aback for a millionth of a second* Make sure you know the answer without peeping through your notes next time.
Bejin: Damn!

4. When the Teacher wants your home-work register:

Teacher: Have you done your home-work?
Bejin: No.

Teacher: Why so?
Bejin: I am dyslexic.
Teacher: I would've believed you only if I didn't see you at the show of Taare Zameen Par yesterday.
Bejin: Oh.

3. When there are two Art Teachers with their own creative (and gender) differences.

Male Teacher: I don't like how you've used a mustard here. A red would've highlighted the white spot more.
Female Teacher: No, I think it's absolutely fine, Sir. Look how the mustard smudges around the white spot and gives it a surreal touch.
Male Teacher: I get your point but ma'am it looks shabby.
Female Teacher: What do you mean by shabby!? It looks good. More like how the background mixes into the spots of white creating a...
Bejin: Psychedelic!
Female Teacher: Yeah! A psychedelic.. feel.
Male Teacher: It hardly looks psy..
Bejin: Psychedelic!
Male Teacher: Yeah. That.
Bejin: Teachers, we're gonna get it printed again this year.
Female Teacher: Well, that's there. How about a coffee, Sir?
Male Teacher: Sure!
Bejin: WTF!

2. On Teachers' Day

Bejin: Happy Teachers' Day, ma'am. I made you a card.
Teacher: Thank you, Bejin. Never thought you could come up with something so heart warming.
Bejin: Don't blame me. I was forced to!
Teacher: I need to meet your parents now.
Bejin: What did I do now!?

1. When the Physics class is a humdrum affair:

Maria: *yells out* Oh FUCK!
Bejin: HaHa. You fucker! You just said a fuck in the fucking Physics class in front of that fucking Physics lady!

*everyone stares*

Teacher: Both of you, to the Principle's office. Right now.
Bejin: It won't hurt any worse this time..
Both: Aww, fuck!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bejin's Top Five (Part 1)

Encounters with the opposite pole:

5. When the guy is very normal:

He: Hey!
Me: Yo!
He: Heard Metallica's new album?
Me: Nope.
He: You should kill yourself.
Me: Really? I heard they sucked.
He: Well, even then! It's a cult, you tiny little bitch!
Me: Cool. Pass on the album to me tomorrow.
He: I have it in my computer. Downloaded it from the torrents.
Me: Make me a DVD.
He: Huh?
Me: By tomorrow.
He: We've got Maths home-work due tomorrow.
Me: I'll do that. You get me the disk.
He: Okay!

*a wicked smirk spreads across Bejin's stoic face*

Next Day:

Me: My disk?
He: Here.
Me: Thanks. Sayonara!
He: HEY WAIT! I need to copy the Maths home-work.
Me: Like you'd do it.
He: Yeah, I will..
Me: *nervous smile* Hehe, I thought you wouldn't, so..

*Bejin escapes slyly while the guy curses his foolishness*

4. When the guy is a total gentleman:

He: Senorita, your eyes are like the shimmering waters in the night sky.
Me: Huh?
He: Your eyes.. they are like the shimmering waters in the night sky.
Me: *irritated* *looks away* So, what else?
He: Your hair are like an artist's canvas with a brilliant black background.
Me: With a twisted and abstract face in the middle?
He: HaHa. My beautiful, you're funny.
Me: Really!? *happy*
He: Your lips are like...
Me: Oh shut up you fag! Tell me the crucial. You think I am funny?
He: Well, yeah.. I guess.
Me: Hah! I knew Maria was just jealous of my humor and sensibilities. Thanks sucker!

*Bejin leaves*

3. When the guy is a nerd:

Me: Give me your home-work register.
He: No.
Me: Dude, we have to submit it after the lunch break.
He: What would I get in return?
Me: Umm, I'll let you live for today..
He: *delighted* Okay!

2. When the guy is in love:

He: I.. I.. I had to uh...
Me: I got it. Say no further.
He: Really.
Me: Yeah.

*runs off at a speed of 299,792,458 m/sec*

1. When the guy is an otaku:

Me: Man, Samurai Champloo is just kick-ass!
He: Oh screw that, Afro Samurai is better!
Me: Wanna bet?
He: Oh sure!

*both take out their cardboard katana and start jumping around here and there creating weird sounds *
*suddenly it's all silent, everyone looks as to what the fuck is going around*
*they stand at a distance from each other and stare straight into the eye of the other*

Me: HaHa, I know you're fast but take the last few breaths while I smoke off this weed.
He: Thanks for the wonderful proposal but I might as well kill you while you're at that thing.


*they rush towards each other with their cardboard katana*
*everyone stares in complete silence*
*brief pause*

Me: Dude! You have to fall down. I just killed you.

He: WTF! You're the one whose dead.
Me: Na-uh!
He: Oh yes.
Me: No!
He: YES!

*Bejin stamps on his foot and runs off*

Me: Yay! I win, loser.
He: Curse you little, witch!

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Bow

I have always been a T.V. person and owing to the fact I have the worst scheme from Tata Sky Dish Services, I am only left to watch UTV World Movies and Phineas and Ferb these days.

While the latter happens to be a big hit in my daily scenario, UTV World Movies on the other hand is a once in a while deal for me, given to the fact that they air movies in languages I have never even heard of.

The other day while I was surfing the T.V. scene, I happened to have a brief look at this movie channel randomly. It had chinki looking characters, water, boats, an old man and a 16 year of girl and then I knew that it had to be Kim-Ki-Duk!

It's summary read as follows:

A 60 year old fisherman has been bringing up a girl since she was a baby. Now she is 16 years old and the fisherman has other intentions. But the arrival of a male student changes all their lives.

The intentions about which the summary speaks of is the kinds that would freak out fifty year old Indian house wives.
Ah, nothing extreme.. but you know how Indian home makers are!

The sixty year old man brings up a girl he found when she was six. It's been 10 years since and the old man plans on marrying her on her 17th birthday. He lives on the dough he makes by allowing people from the nearby areas to come for fishing. The old guy would be often misinterpreted as the girl's grandpa by anyone who is clueless about the plot as such. Not to mention, the characters in the movie who come for fishing assume very much the same.
Like all of Duk's movies, The Bow contains very little dialogues. The story proceeds casually, often describing the monotony of the protagonists' lives with great intricacies like how the old man gives the girl her daily bath, does her hair, sets up her bed at night, gets the daily groceries and cancels out each coming day in his calender and then flip a few months off to see and smile at a particular date marked with a red heart shaped design filled with some Korean calligraphy indicating the young girl's birthday and hence, their marriage day.
The days are mostly repetitive with a little everyday humdrum like the fishermen trying to have their way with the young female only to be aimed at by the old man with a bow and arrow.
The Bow's title is based on how the old man tells people's fortunes. The process is rather peculiar. Unlike how usually fortunes are told, the old man has his own style which involves tying of a colorful ribbon around the young girl's wrist, her sitting on a swing tied outside their main boat and the old man aiming at an old Buddha like figure painted on the outer wooden walls of the boat. The girl smiles as she swings, her gaze constantly set on the old man. It has no fear and while she keeps swinging at a constant pace, the oldie aims and shoots three times after which the girl whispers something in his ears and the oldie whispers the same in the client's ear.
Life runs smoothly for the both of them until one day a group of young male students come to their ship for fishing (probably on a group tour). The girl is attracted by a youthful boy and gradually they come closer to each other. The oldie grows overly protective of her and hates it when she goes to him. Suddenly, the girl starts hating the old man for keeping her caged for so many years and starts to get irritated at the very same actions which were earlier liked by her.

(Scenes when she can't allow the old man to give her a bath while she's sitting naked in a tub just like before and when she tries to get away the old man's grip from her wrist while she sleeps, the desperate old man's efforts to win her back and consequences that lead him to make a new double bed to keep her close to himself and how he cancels off a whole week and later rips off two pages (two whole months actually) from his calender to get married to her before it is too late, are brilliantly done!)

The young girl's attraction for the youth grows each coming day and one day she slips from her bed at night and sinks into the young boy's mattress to touch his lips and rub his cheeks. It is when the guy comes closer to her in order to kiss her, that the old man sees them together and with no pause he immediately takes away the boy from his boat. The boy promises to come back after he finds the girl's parents.
And while the boy is gone, the oldie's relationship with the girl remains strained.

Soon enough, the young boy returns with a note from her parents who claim their child. The old man is adamant and doesn't let him take her away. It is then that the guy challenges the old man to read his fortune too and predict as to whether or not he'd be able to take her away with himself or would the old man marry her off and live happily ever after.
The fortune telling process comes into play and the girl smiles at the old man. Her smile revealing a sense of confidence and pride which makes the old man very nervous. Two bows are shot and when he's about to shoot the final bow, the young boy pulls back the ropes of the swing and the girl falls into the water and the bow hits the Buddha in the head.
She whispers something which is passed onto the visitor by the old man.

The next day, the young boy politely asks the old man to let go off the girl because she has to see what the world outside is like, hearing which the old man gets really annoyed and he opens his cupboard and throws off the dresses he got for the girl and himself for their marriage.
The girl leaves and the boy follows and they finally leave the old man's boat. On the other hand, the old man cries his eyes off for the girl meant everything to him. He sees them going away in another boat and it is then that he takes a looped rope and puts it around his neck (ah, typical of Kim-Ki-Duk). The rope is in turn tied to the boat in which the boy and the girl are traveling and as they keep moving ahead, the rope tightens it's grip around the old man's neck. The pain gets unbearable for the man and he grabs hold of a knife kept nearby and tries to cut the rope, while on the other hand the girl realises something and rushes back to the oldie.

The old bastard on seeing her coming back to him hides the knife and continues to cough. The girl pities the old man, hugs him and you see them dressing up each other for their marriage in the next scene (the young boy has a stupefied look on his face all the while).
Finally they get married and sail off in another boat where the old man takes off the young bride's clothes revealing her in a long, white slip. He plants a gentle kiss on her cheek and plays some soothing music for her and the girl soon falls asleep and while she's still asleep, the old man aims his bow at the girl, then shoots it into the air and jumps into the water committing suicide.
This small boat moves back to the original boat where the dumb struck young boy is still there. He goes to check what's wrong and he sees the girl masturbating in her sleep. The very same arrow which the oldie had shot sometime back hits the boat's deck close to the girl who finally wakes up, smiles and they leave the boat for the 'real' world.


Though the movie is neat enough, it is not even close to what I have already seen of Kim-Ki-Duk's but I would appreciate the movie on the following grounds:

1. It was on T.V. and I didn't have to go through the pains of downloading or buying it.
2. The music was cool enough.
3. The young Korean boy was cute.
5. I was jobless.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


When chickens get a taste of your meat, it's time to get mutated.

When the belle of New Orleans tries to show you how to tango, run away.

When he likes killing you after you're dead, he loved you.

When they cut out the flute from the throat of the loon, it's time to sing.


When they think I am a queer, I smirk.

PS: So torrified.

Friday, July 31, 2009

It So Happened..

They entered my room and tried to get me out of my bed in the hopes of seeing a whacked out me. I lay lazily still, looked at them with weary eyes, yawned some then went back to reading a particular piece of literary shit I had in hand that time. For some reason, they seemed irritated, as if they didn't know me at all. Maybe the irritation was the result of them knowing me so very well. I don't know.
My ignoring them led them to getting scattered in different parts of my room. While Freddy was looking for a good read, Hally checked out her new outfit, which she bought on her way back home, yesterday. It's amusing to see how excited she was about a stupid dress.
Okay, damn! No matter how indifferent and cool I try to act, that black dress sure as hell caught my eye. Anyway, moving on, 'Man' (as we call him, contrary to his physique), sat next to me and asked me to get up and get ready for the "ride of my life". I showed no interest whatsoever, which kinda made him, umm.. anxious? Maybe. As it is I am bad with my expression skills. Not that it bothers me, or just maybe.. it does.

So then anyway, Hally shot up suddenly and said: "How about we plan a meeting with Fyodor and make these two talk it out!? That will set her spirits just as we want!"

For some reason, it didn't bother me at all but I think Freddy passed a subtle glare at Hally cause she suddenly cooled down just as she shot up. Man on the other hand was thinking. About what.. I am clueless. I think it was those burgers we had just before Fyodor and I had that huge argument but then again, maybe not.

It's been three weeks since I last spoke to Fyodor, I wonder what he must be doing. I know! It must be his little turtle he must be playing with. Oh I am so sure! With Fyodor, things are constant. He's too typical to be mistaken. 'Predictable' would be the word, I guess... (!?)

And haha, while I gave stuff a thought, I guess it was Freddy who was smirking and Man who suddenly exclaimed "Get up woman! You're not even reading that damned shit." It was then that I think I smiled after quite a while. Not that I am some emo sucker but because I am too lazy to smile back. No, honestly! Hally was kinda relieved seeing me smile. Okay, who am I trying to fool this once, it's just her dress she's in love with currently.

So then anyway, the guys moved out of my room and Hally stayed back. Freddy's got some neat choice when it comes to books, contrary to his dressing sensibilities. He picked up
Love in the Time of Cholera, which is kinda new, cause Freddy is hardly the sentimental types. He's more into umm.. let's say Hitler and the Nazis.
So whatever, I kinda got dressed up for a bit. Now, don't get ideas, it was just a black Nirvana T-shirt with my normal blue jeans. But I was kinda conscious cause Hally wore this umm.. sexy (!?) halter neck blouse with a cute little blue skirt. Well, so we all went out of my place, got into a cab and went to this new bar which went by the flashy name of The Zeitgiests, and for wannabe intellectual suckers like us, it was the place to get as hell drunk or.. maybe not!
Freddy kinda seemed a little more serious than the usual, because he ordered coke with chicken strips instead of beer with chicken legs. I wonder what's wrong with these guys.. except that Man is still the dumb old him and Hally.. well, the same old fancy dress woman and hence, basically it was only Freddy who was so very... umm, no, a little weird that day. Except that I get what's bothering him and I don't like what it is but who'd tell him about it all.. not me, for sure.

That day went by casually. We were sipping our cokes, fighting over the last piece of the chicken strip and well, talking... about random dreams, some new alternative rock band which Man hated, chicken strips, beer and life in general. It was then that Freddy suddenly spoke of Fyodor, and it was just then that I realised, that it didn't bother me. At all. I suddenly got trapped in this void of introspection and realised that nothing and none meant anything to me as such. It was all so trivial.. Hally, Freddy, Man, Fyodor, my parents, my neighbour, his cat and her blue bell. All of it, all of them.. I wonder what caused me to make up for such a brilliant stone.

So while I thought of the various possibilities of why I turned into a stoic, I felt a hand touch my right shoulder. It was Man. I think he wanted to console me or something. Suddenly, Freddy stepped forward and just hugged me. It was weird to be honest. He has never been that way. Never! I just patted his back. That's my way to tell people off, but Freddy.. he just hugged me, even tighter and even so I didn't feel "warm" as they describe it in shoujo manga.

I said: Freddy, it's alright.
He said: No, it's not.
I said: Okay.. but what exactly are we talking about!?
He said: About you and... Fyodor and..
I said: Fyodor? And...!?
He said: Me.
I said: What about you?

He then pushed me back and I think his eyes were moist or just maybe... it was the disco lights.

He said: You don't have to act in front of us.

Hally and Man just looked as him in great amusement. If I weren't this lazy, I would've laughed back then.

I said: Dude, got fever or something!?
He said: Let's just drop this, okay?
I said: Cool.
He said: FINE!

And just like that he was gone. Just like Fyodor.
Man went after him while Hally stood next to me.

I said: What was that again!?
Hally said: I.. have no clue.
I said: It's cool.

While we spoke of having no clue and being scandalised by Freddy's new avtaar, Man came in panting and said "I'll drop you at Hally's place tonight. Okay by you?" and I said "cool".

That night, while Hally showed me more of her dresses and nail paints and jewelery, I noticed, that no matter how indifferent I am towards my friends, they are the ones I most think about. In moments of introspection, they are my experimental guineas.
I suddenly felt the urge to call both the eff dudes and make up with them but not knowing how to go about it made me all weary and I ended up just sleeping, like any other day. I think, it's my cave to hide in, my way to give in, my way to resent, repent and give way...

..Or, maybe not!

PS: My longest post so far.
PPS: Say "ooh shaa!" XD

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Why so serious?

I seriously need to take some serious actions against my not-so-seriously-serious self.

Seriously, I have come to realise that I can't be seriously serious about even the most serious of issues. Seriousness, could be often related to being seriously focused and/or being seriously ambitious. Seriously, I don't have a fucking clue as to what I am typing but I am shit serious this time. I mean seriously, this is so not the kind of seriousness I wish to seriously see in myself.
I wish I could be serious enough. 'Seriously serious' is what I want to get about art, academics and other serious stuff but man, I can seriously not get serious by the end of the so fucking serious day or rather a damned serious year.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, get me to become seriously serious person soon enough or else I will seriously have to take some serious measures against my so-not-serious self. Help me, Mother, help me get serious, seriously!

-Serious enough,
Bejin Serious Hakumei.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Realisations, Resolutions and Resurrection

Reading her last post made her realise the ever so subconsciously known fact that she sucked at writing in the third person and after a rather long and never ending break from the virtual world of the Wired, Bejin Hakumei is now back and she has vowed upon a certain loser's name (not yet known) to never bore her dimwitted blog friends, wannabe blog followers and the general junta with her retarded writing.

And now that she is so over the "third person" disease, she's also willing to make the resurrection of her ever so dead ambitions known to public. Alas, ambition would be too strong a word for a character so astonishingly weak as her, when it comes to resolutions, but it ought to be done.

Bejin looks forward to the day when she will get some serious art done. She is determined to make some hundred doodles everyday starting this July 20th. She has also from a certain Junkie, been inspired to do a little sculpting. She will also start her own art blog wherein she will upload her artworks, designs and other related stuff. She also plans to later make art on demand (i.e., when she has enough knowledge about the human anatomy, animation on paper, sketching, painting etc.)
She also plans to read all of what her brother left at home (part of them are done with already) and watch good cinema. Moreover, she shall watch anime like she never did and hell, she also plans on reading most of the manga up there on OneManga.

She plans to also...

Bejin Hakumei: Just don't keep farting all you like.

. . .

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Not That High

She is still fighting the nauseous, giddy feeling followed by a couple of strong drinks on the rocks. Yeah, she got drunk and it was the elite Johnnie Walker's Black Label worth some 5000 in the Indian currency.

Technically, this was her second attempt and having learnt from her first, that nothing could possibly give a thick skinned brat like her a high, she resort to get drunk a little over the edge this time in order to experiment with the alternative states of her consciousness. It was around six in the evening and she was over the internet and what followed after was something she was not too aware of but she does realise that she had been a major pain in the ass for many people.

The first time she had this acid like shit gulped down her throat, it was at her friend's place. Her friend was struck with the idea of getting high and there was absolutely nothing she could do to change her mind. What the other female did was amusing. She got a huge pile of clothes hiding within which a huge box containing a sealed "scotch whiskey". The idea was to take in some of it and then reviving back the original mark by mixing in some water, then replacing it inside her mom's closet. Hurriedly they opened the seal only to realise that they could fill in some water but they definitely couldn't get the seal fixed. Conveniently they filled in their glasses and laughed at the thought that it'll all be blamed on the servants, if discovered. After a shot followed by the random curses and cribbing over the disappointing taste, they resort to fill it in with water. But soon enough, they realised that there's a cork like valve which doesn't allow water to seep in through it. Now all they were left to do was to get it replaced completely, and how? Well, they could have just thrown it off had they been ignorant of it's damned price but then our very own Bejin Hakumei volunteered to take it back to her place and hide it in her room. Nobody at her place gave a shit so it was okay.

Anyway, so now was their turn to take in the full glass and relax in the room and utter shit and yet stay sane enough to face their parents. In fact, what's amusing is the fact that they never thought it'd get to them. They didn't make any arrangements. So, that was that. And yeah, all this while, they were in the bathroom attached to her friend's room in the first floor. Very safe a place indeed.

So then, Miss Hakumei wanted to get over with it first so she just took in the shit, the little bit that she could without barfing the rest on the floor. She then told her friend to have her share while she would stay in the room in order to shoo off any alien entering it. Bejin watched some T.V., felt her stomach boil, ate some pop-corn, felt it getting to her, watched some more T.V., felt herself getting tipsy, ate some more pop-corn then holding herself straight, she walked into the bathroom to see what the girl was upto and holy shit, she was holding onto the wash-tub uttering random gibberish. Now was Bejin's turn to get shit scared. Now, the intricate details of Bejin's attempts to get her friend to sleep will be skipped but yeah, it was tough for even for the mighty Miss Hakumei.

After getting her to somehow sleep, Bejin packed the bottle and everything, ran down the staircase, told her friend's granny that her granddaughter went off to sleep after a rough day's hard work. Bejin then just rushed back home. Maybe she was scared of getting caught or maybe because she could be accused of stealing an expensive intoxicating drink from her friend's place or maybe it was because her mom was calling her up every two minutes ordering her to come back home cause good girls don't stay out too late (it was 8:30 in the night), or maybe it was because she had her internet connection fixed after so long. Whatever it was, Bejin Hakumei was surely not her cool and calm self. So anyway, she rushed back home, hid in the stuff and thought of how the day went by. Now the crucial thing is, the first half of the day has still not been dealt with, which too was coincidently enthrilling. Anyway, Bejin lay on her bed thinking of how her dull and uneventful life had this rather interesting episode in it and then she pondered over the idea of how her friend got high and she was still sane enough. She was glad about the fact that none of them got caught and it was all thanks to her capacity for if she too had been high then the both of them would have been in deep shit but in the end she was just too upset over the idea that she didn't get to see herself getting high.

. . .

Now, last night's story starts from two days back when Bejin was ridiculed for being a failure, loser etcetera. She was emo, not because of the lame comment but because she too had immense faith in her rather low potential. Her long suppressed and ignored grief was very much felt. She was gloomy over the thought of not making it anywhere decent. She was terror stricken at the idea of going through the shit all over again. She was plain anxious. It was then that she resort to drink and get high on that one bottle kept inside her closet. After her parents left for a little outing of theirs, she immediately took out the bottle and took in a glass full, then another and then yet another! She still felt nothing change in her and she packed the whole thing back again cribbing for not being good at academics, for being a miserable failure, for sucking at art (her only hope) and most of all, for not getting high. Slowly it got to her, oh yes, it so did! And after that... she doesn't remember much of anything, except a friend calling her up to console her, another friend calling her up telling her to have lemon and tea and the ultimate, falling off from her chair, hitting hard on the edge of her bed and getting herself cut in the leg. Best, this time too, she didn't get caught. Man, she's too smooth a rustic!

On being interrogated, all she says is "What an experience!"