Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Came, I Ate and I Slept

I have been in my hometown for the past one week with 24x7 internet access but the given condition that's the sole constant in my life.. yeah, my lazy genes, didn't allow me to.. uh, let's just say create a new post in order to let my humble minions know that yeah.. their Lord was back.

Come to think of it, it would be have been a totally worthless effort cause in all probability, I am not going to make any new posts in the near future for I now live in the city that's known to be India's New York.. Bombay (now, known as Mumbai).

Bombay kicks, kills and pwns.
I hardly get to sleep and whoa, it feels good to crib once again.


Anyway, I have a train to catch in the next three hours and man, I haven't even started packing.

So yeah, this half-assed post was like an update for all those who wished to catch up and know what's the scene like.

*settles her glasses*


Friday, May 21, 2010

Epic Fail Fails

Just when I created a label that I thought I could spam with useless content of epic fail, I failed to fail. Yeah, that's a good thing but I am born a cribber.

So the update goes something like this:

Bejin Hakumei's alter ego (read as: the kid that fails all her tests) not only managed to pass (for a change) but also managed to score a pretty cool rank. Whoa! Talk about (un)pleasant surprises!

Guessing from her all India rank in NIFT, she thinks she can get the college and course of her choice (not that she knows what she has to do next), so you guys (in case some people still bother to go through this piece of epic fail blog) can kick her butt just for a laugh (in other words, congratulate her).

One can safely assume that the NIFT folks are retarded and the NID bummers are smart assholes.

Friday, April 9, 2010

What sucks more?

Comparing things/situations/people is only obvious when one tends to think.

Like I was just wondering what sucks more. The fact that I couldn't clear NID or the fact that I did clear NIFT.

Have some more of those.
What sucks more..
Carrying no lunch to school or carrying some Parle-G biscuits?
Writing about yourself in your blog or writing about other people instead?
Not doing anything constructive or doing something totally destructive!?
Talking real or talking like a fool?
Being bad at Mathematics or holding wannabe knowledge of it?
Empathizing with a cynic or listening an optimist speak?
Being uncool or feeling unwanted?
Reading a manga or wasting time?
Looking at a genius express mediocrity in the best of ways or watching a mediocre not being able to figure it out at all??

What sucks more?

Bejin Hakumei updating her blog or just leaving it dead?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


After the fail Hindi post, I think it's time I put in some updates from my side.

1. Yeah. It's been a long while. I missed blogger, couldn't get the time.. blah blah. Shit.
2. Yeah. I flunked. Again.
3. For more details read up this post from a year ago. Link!

The one thing that I would seriously want to do is to erase this lame label on my blog that reads 'NID'. I mean seriously. Who do these guys actually select? Aliens from Hooga Land?! Anyway, no hard feelings NID buggers but you just lost out on a potentially brilliant, up and coming ...err, okay. Who am I trying to fool here..

So yeah. Catch is, I don't discuss it with my folks. I don't cry. I don't give direct answers to those who question 'so, what next?', 'are you okay?', I certainly don't feel good and yet I am not particularly torn apart either. So, WHY? Why do I have to log into my blogger and blog about it? Yeah, I too have troubles dealing with myself.

What's interestingly hilarious is the fact that not many people know about NID and I do this free advertising for them. If not as a design student, maybe they could recruit me as their advertising consultant or something. I mean look at it this way. I make it seem like it's such a big deal when I know it's not, cause many a fags do make it through this damned exam after all. I could too. If only I wasn't this big a loser. But I'll save the cribbing for some other time.

Anyway. All that is shit. The news is that my blog will have a brand new label.
No kidding!

(Junta: WTF is she making a big deal out of everything now!??)

The new label: Epic Fail

Thanks to this new gamer buddy of mine I nicked out a few not-so-new-but-totally-cool-nevertheless gamer words from his existing vocabulary. Words like n00b, pwned (owned), epic, fail etc. etc. Watch out for these words cause I now use them shamelessly, sometimes over exploiting their worth.
Pretty cool eh?

So yeah. In this new label I shall put forward all of my latest accomplishments in the field of Loserism. Since good things are almost like a miracle that could happen to me and bad things are what I am always full of, I guess this new label is going to be a huge hit (in my own little circle of nothingness) and have tons of posts (that is, if I chuck aside my laziness and start on with some blogging once again).

Seriously. What kind of people do these NID losers select huh? <---- Repetitively Annoying Bitch.

*deletes the NID label*

Monday, March 8, 2010

असुविधा के लिए खेद है

क्यारियों में जो फूल लगाये थे,
गधे सब चर गए।

Thursday, February 11, 2010


There isn't much difference between liars and optimists.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


What started as a plan to enjoy sometime with a friend turned into an experience that offered great cinematic bliss to the great Hakumei-Sama. She always regretted how she missed watching Omkara in the cinema hall and she was more than willing to repent. Ishqiya was it!
Pretty sure she was, of the fact that the movie would be a good watch but this good!?

The moment she saw it was a Vishal Bhardwaj production, Bejin set herself comfortably in her seat. Apprehensions took over her within the first few seconds for she was just not willing to be disappointed. 'Not in the mood for another Kaminey', she thought.
'And sometimes, just sometimes, your prayer is answered' were her thoughts after she was done.

Now the catch here is that you don't have to be a member of the Eastern U.P. circuit to acknowledge this movie but you surely have to be a Bhojpuriya baalak to know how truly well made this movie is! No, this movie is not in Bhojpuri. It follows a more Khariboli style (probably for mass appeal). It's just that the movie's environment is brilliantly desi! The language, characters, their involvement with each other, music everything only adds to it. Good thing is that nothing is overdone.

Naseeruddin Shah was brilliant like always. It's weird how it's so easy to fall in love with Naseer after watching each of his movies but the thing about Ishqiya is that it's one movie which makes you fall in love with Naseer's character. You sympathise with him and can almost feel what it's like to be Khalu-Jaan, the old romantic full of anxiousness.

['Koi to roke, koi to toke. Is umar mein ab khaoge dhokhe. Dar lagta hai ishq karne mein ji. Dil to bachcha hai ji, thoda kaccha hai ji.']

Arshad Warsi is good to watch as the roadside rustic, Babban. His hormonally driven youth is characterised by kaajal eyes and Soorma Bhopali style of talking. His evident transformation from a player into a man helplessly in love is cute.

[Babban to Khalu-Jaan: "Aapka ishq, ishq. Aur hamara ishq, sex?!"]

Vidya Balan's character Krishna, is dark! Both visually and otherwise. A classic case of femme fatale, Krishna gives both these men the kind of romantic pleasure they seek and why? Well, that forms the main plot of the movie. A woman of stark contrasts, Krishna is driven, desperate, innocent looking, simple yet sexy. Negative? I wouldn't call her that.
A woman with a voice to die for, Krishna doesn't even have to work to appeal to Khalu-Jaan's refined self.

Apart from the leads, the side characters do justice to what they are supposed to do. Bejin particularly liked the cocky kid who played Nandu.

[Nandu to Babban: "Hamare wahaan chuttad dhone se pehle tabancha chalana sikhaate hain."]

Look out for this movie to know Gorakhpur, for the music, to feel for two friends who fight for a woman who loves neither of them, for tabancha and a script that's written well and delivered even better!

And before you sad-ass losers go on about how the great Hakumei-Sama makes for a nearly idiotic film critic, check out the following links.

Download music

Happy watching, suckers!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bejin says...

Originality, sometimes, is just a matter of time.