Friday, April 9, 2010

What sucks more?

Comparing things/situations/people is only obvious when one tends to think.

Like I was just wondering what sucks more. The fact that I couldn't clear NID or the fact that I did clear NIFT.

Have some more of those.
What sucks more..
Carrying no lunch to school or carrying some Parle-G biscuits?
Writing about yourself in your blog or writing about other people instead?
Not doing anything constructive or doing something totally destructive!?
Talking real or talking like a fool?
Being bad at Mathematics or holding wannabe knowledge of it?
Empathizing with a cynic or listening an optimist speak?
Being uncool or feeling unwanted?
Reading a manga or wasting time?
Looking at a genius express mediocrity in the best of ways or watching a mediocre not being able to figure it out at all??

What sucks more?

Bejin Hakumei updating her blog or just leaving it dead?