Thursday, April 23, 2009

With Ribbons Undone

I had always been this lazy kid who would prefer sleeping her ass off for most part of the active hours. In the evening I'd stay back home sleeping or watching Dexter's Laboratory. Often I'd be dragged out of my bed by hyper active girls who had no interest what so ever in the great Dexter. I'd curse them in my head for ruining my program for the evening. Being a skinny little fuck that I still am I was better than the other fatsos in all the games. However I was amongst the kiddos who'd want to play tough. Yup! I liked being a hero [!?], I'd run around like a cheetah, act like a mediator in random cat fights, get myself skinned and what not. Yeah, a total wannabe was all I was, yet happy.
It sometimes amuses me to see how happy I have been all my life. Maybe, that's because I never cared enough to pay heed to the bad stuff that came my way.
I was never a careful person as a girl. Dressing up well, talking like girlie girls, being cute was something too far fetched for me, for the people I have been with all my life is my brother and his friends.
It pains me to see how I have changed relatively. I now live a rather clean life, get myself waxed in time, get myself a haircut done every 3-4 months. I apply kaajal and tie my hair neatly.

Argh, I disappoint myself to the core!
Whatever happened to the good old days when I'd skip my bath to lazily lie around watching Cartoon Network? The days when I'd run around the house like a maniac to get in the way of my brother and his love, Mathematics. The days when I'd never apply a moisturiser on my fugly face. The days when I never cared for what I was or what I appeared to others.


.. I don't want to grow up Mom, at least not tonight.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Height of Desperation

If I were a boy, I'd fall in love with myself.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Three Golden Wishes

I always fancied the thought of possessing a genie. I always wanted to possess some weird magic that could perhaps, lead to a better life. Often the thought of being asked "what are your three golden wishes" would haunt past my rather sleepy head and I would indulge in contemplating as to what to ask for. Barbie dolls didn't seem too bad an option to be consider as a kid but even then I knew they'd be of no use after some kiddy years of my life.
Having heard the tales of witty morons asking for infinite number of wishes seemed too cool a wish to yearn for but because I detest "copying" ideas, I never really considered it as my grand wish. However, until now I wasn't really sure if I could hold onto this principle if was actually asked for.

Anyway, recently, having gone through rough times on being both academically and personally elled, I gave some thought to this after long. A suicidal cynic that I tend to get as the night befalls, lead me to find the ultimate solution to this fancied thought.

I imagined myself in this stereotypical situation of having found a magical lamp which on rubbing let out smoke only to transform into a magical being called the genie. He'd tell me that he could grant any three of my wishes and I'd yawn like a cool bitch cause I now have three totally cool and origninal wishes to ask for!

My first wish would be to erase me from everyone's memory.

My second wish would be to erase everyone from my memory.

And my ultimate wish would be to grant me moksha!

Now, this is what I call sheer brilliance!