Friday, May 21, 2010

Epic Fail Fails

Just when I created a label that I thought I could spam with useless content of epic fail, I failed to fail. Yeah, that's a good thing but I am born a cribber.

So the update goes something like this:

Bejin Hakumei's alter ego (read as: the kid that fails all her tests) not only managed to pass (for a change) but also managed to score a pretty cool rank. Whoa! Talk about (un)pleasant surprises!

Guessing from her all India rank in NIFT, she thinks she can get the college and course of her choice (not that she knows what she has to do next), so you guys (in case some people still bother to go through this piece of epic fail blog) can kick her butt just for a laugh (in other words, congratulate her).

One can safely assume that the NIFT folks are retarded and the NID bummers are smart assholes.