Tuesday, March 30, 2010


After the fail Hindi post, I think it's time I put in some updates from my side.

1. Yeah. It's been a long while. I missed blogger, couldn't get the time.. blah blah. Shit.
2. Yeah. I flunked. Again.
3. For more details read up this post from a year ago. Link!

The one thing that I would seriously want to do is to erase this lame label on my blog that reads 'NID'. I mean seriously. Who do these guys actually select? Aliens from Hooga Land?! Anyway, no hard feelings NID buggers but you just lost out on a potentially brilliant, up and coming ...err, okay. Who am I trying to fool here..

So yeah. Catch is, I don't discuss it with my folks. I don't cry. I don't give direct answers to those who question 'so, what next?', 'are you okay?', I certainly don't feel good and yet I am not particularly torn apart either. So, WHY? Why do I have to log into my blogger and blog about it? Yeah, I too have troubles dealing with myself.

What's interestingly hilarious is the fact that not many people know about NID and I do this free advertising for them. If not as a design student, maybe they could recruit me as their advertising consultant or something. I mean look at it this way. I make it seem like it's such a big deal when I know it's not, cause many a fags do make it through this damned exam after all. I could too. If only I wasn't this big a loser. But I'll save the cribbing for some other time.

Anyway. All that is shit. The news is that my blog will have a brand new label.
No kidding!

(Junta: WTF is she making a big deal out of everything now!??)

The new label: Epic Fail

Thanks to this new gamer buddy of mine I nicked out a few not-so-new-but-totally-cool-nevertheless gamer words from his existing vocabulary. Words like n00b, pwned (owned), epic, fail etc. etc. Watch out for these words cause I now use them shamelessly, sometimes over exploiting their worth.
Pretty cool eh?

So yeah. In this new label I shall put forward all of my latest accomplishments in the field of Loserism. Since good things are almost like a miracle that could happen to me and bad things are what I am always full of, I guess this new label is going to be a huge hit (in my own little circle of nothingness) and have tons of posts (that is, if I chuck aside my laziness and start on with some blogging once again).

Seriously. What kind of people do these NID losers select huh? <---- Repetitively Annoying Bitch.

*deletes the NID label*

Monday, March 8, 2010

असुविधा के लिए खेद है

क्यारियों में जो फूल लगाये थे,
गधे सब चर गए।