Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Band Thing

Having been introduced to the world of 'rock music' and the culture of the 'band following' by my elder brother, did do me a lot good. I still remember the night when he as hell sung the glorious tales of the 'weird' people.
It brought a new air of self confidence in me. I knew when some damned retards could make tons of dough by composing music out of their own miseries, I, being relatively better in most aspects could do much. Sad scene, life didn't turn out that way but nevertheless, the list continues to flourish!

Here's a list of my favourite bands:

> Pink Floyd (My Eternal Numero Uno)
> The Doors
> Nirvana
> Alice in Chains
> Pearl Jam
> Led Zeppelin
> Rage Against The Machine
> Tori Amos
> Simon and Garfunkel
> The Allman Brothers Band
> Lynyrd Skynyrd
> Porcupine Tree
> Frank Zappa
> Bob Dylan
> Neil Young
> Jimi Hendrix
> Eric Clapton
> Indus Creed
> Indian Ocean
> Red Hot Chilli Peppers
> Shakti
> Alms For Shanti
> The Eagles
> Guns N' Roses
> Audioslave
> Death Cab For Cutie
> The Cranberries

PS: The above mentioned list is subject to random convenient amendments.


  1. lol

    i remember how u got so mad when arushi liked the evanescence song more than the aerosmith one
    and never understood the brrick in the wall

    she is a kid

    i do not profess ny particular liking towards ny kind of music - i just know im against hip hop and rap , sorry for mentioning them on ur esteemed rock loving blog ---- also , i am against poppy pop and maximum teen singers

    otherwise , i dont characterise ,
    i guess im still stuck onto the alternative rock genre , as such - and if a good song comes along , even if it is poppy , and has decent lyrics , i can give it a shot

    still -- the illiterate takes heart that there are wise assholes like u in her frend circle

    go poop!!!

  2. I admit I hrd some of de names fr de 1st tym :/

  3. Is it that my Blog ACTUALLY appears on the second rung in the "Bloggers in the Block" Space on the right, or does the list go alphabetically?!


    PS.: About the post...hell, yeah!
    I know I like the opening lines, just for the sake of it being interesting to READ... but, you know, music never quite interested me can't say much!

    Still, YOU shall remain to be my loveliest and ultimate love, the musical Lady Ira!

  4. @Photogenic: No point digging ancient ruins.

    @Sanjukta: It's okay.

    @Anant: Apathetically it is!

  5. alas yet again a classic list made by d gr8 Ira-san ^_________^


  6. look ... there are kids calling you the " d great ira-san" ... XD! ...
    I don't generally don't like band who don't have good vocals .... like .... mmm ... Led Zeppelin ..... (don't hit me for this) ...althogh they say it is legendry .....

  7. lo

    u act as though u hate the past !!!!

  8. @Sid: He's not a kid. He's my slave. And seriously, I particularly love the vocalists whose voice is weird. Notable names of list: Kurt Cobain, Axl Rose, Robert Plant, Layne Staley.

    Rishi: Up now! [yeah, to err is human!]

    Photogenic: So.. am I good at acting?

  9. cmon
    we both know ur good at nothign
    thats why u were a loser remember??