Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Curious Case of The Scream

To tell the truth, I have been meaning to do this post for a very, very, very long time now. 
Der Schrei der Natur -The Scream of Nature or more popularly, 'The Scream' is one of the most popular paintings ever. It was done by an expressionist painter between the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the 20th century. You can obviously read about its awesomeness here.
This painting is one of the coolest art pieces around and I say this because this painting has inspired artists all around the world, of all means and kinds, to adapt it into their own ridiculous version.
Here in this space below, I am going to share this curious artwork and the ultra/mega/super ninja stuff that followed.

Oil, tempera and pastel on cardboard.

 When you like your artwork enough, I think you marvel at it. Sometimes you have trouble getting over the fact that you came up with something brilliant and struggle with new concepts. Now I am not sure if the same happened with Munch but hell yeah, he liked his artwork or maybe the concept of it. He sat down and created four versions of his drawing. Haha. Guess he was the one to have started the trend.

Pastel on cardboard.
Tempera on cardboard. This one was stolen from the Munch Museum. It wasn't recovered until three years later.
Plain old lithograph.


Okay, now I am gonna start with all that I have gathered over the years of link hopping. Due credit to all the wonderful artists who know how to have fun.

Carlos Farinha, Portugal

Phewww. That was quite cool huh!?

Anyway, I thought being a designer myself, I should add to this pile too. So, here's my Scream.
I sketched this using my tablet and Paint Tool Sai.
Used the pen, crayon and blur tool for the entire sketch. Sketching myself was tough but I think I managed.

This was fun. Should give myself more such assignments.