Saturday, September 26, 2009


Bejin is back on blogger once again and this time, with a new list of suggestions, tips and advise for her humble followers.

Lesson 2

How to look sexy in 10 simple ways:

1. Wear cool clothes. Now this one might come out as tricky, for everyone has an individual sense of style and fashion, but majorly, stuff can be broadly divided as cool and uncool. If you don't have faith in your choice, consult a relatively better and fashion conscious friend. If your friends suck much the same, please pray.
2. Accessories. This one is important in a religious sort of way. The kind of accessory you adorn, reflects your personality, taste and choice. Watches, arm bands, neck pieces, belts, beaded jewelery etc. come in this category. Take time to choose your kind of accessory and make sure you don't just wear anything and everything.
3. Elegance is crucial. Remember, everything is acceptable and even appreciated if it is elegant and graceful enough.
4. Keep it simple. People who overdo, suck. Simpleton is awesome.
5. The hair! A major area to direct your kind attention to. A good hairstyle makes the ugliest of creatures look good. This might not be an easy task for frizzy, curly and sometimes, even for straight haired fucks, hence, I suggest you consult a hairstylist.
6. Now because we really are discussing about how one can try to look sexy, talking about footwear is only natural. Mismatch and randomness doesn't help, neither does ignorance. The footwear must be well in sequence with the clothes. Imagine high heels on baggy pants and a lose T-shirt.
7. A good face always helps but if your parents were some alien from Hooga-Land, make-up is just the thing that might be of some help to you. For girls, simple black eye paint and lip gloss would be cool enough. Try a little blush on and eye shadow, if you know you can carry it off. For the guys, it's necessary to know if facial hair do you justice or not. Get a beard style that fits your face cut and features and you're done. Guys can't do much anyway.
8. Knowledge about oneself is necessary. One must be aware of their assets and hold the knowledge to flaunt it well too. Booby bitches, butt sexy hotties, clean chested guys, long legged females, muscular men, pretty handed lot, nice feet people, whatever, just be aware and do the needful.
9. Color scheme plays a crucial role. One could look sexy in a flashy orange and look pathetic in black if you don't do the selecting job well. Color matters. A lot! Wearing a green tie with a blue coat, white shirt and brown pants will lead you nowhere and a very matchy-matchy selection might be equally disastrous as well. So, a simple trick is to not wear more than three colors and make sure there is a little something to break the monotony of the scheme yet not hamper the elegance of the whole look. Wear what you can carry off well.
10. And in the end, I suggest you give up. On a personal level, I just know, some people can never look good no matter what they try to do, hence, just give up or... get a plastic surgery done and rob a bank in order to buy yourself expensive and sexy clothes, accessories etc.

PS: Out of all the crap mentioned above, pay heed only to point no.10 because it's the most well thought of, realistic and direct approach to this lesson.
PPS: Zetsuboushita? Well, just curse the sexy and pray to the Lord Almighty for a better face and physique in the next life.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Here's Bejin Hakumei with her free of cost, oft-repeatedly exclusive and kickass tutorials to help her followers grow.

Lesson 1

How to act cool in 10 simple ways:

1. Freak out at the mention of the word 'music' and talk about the various famous (rock) bands.
2. Tell, you read. A lot.
3. Say "dude, you're paranoid" whenever you can't come back with a witty reply.
4. Use the word 'cinema' instead of movie/film/picture.
5. Admit, you don't give a damn.
6. Make efficient use of the word 'fuck' (in other words, use it
at least twice in a single sentence).
7. Nonchalance!
8. I am not too sure of this one, but experts suggest wearing converse.
9. Slogan T-shirts with Che Guevara's illustration in it, help a lot.
10. Finally, just say you hate pseuds like Bejin Hakumei.

Hope this helped.
If not, I suggest you re-read the word 'free' in the opening lines of this post.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Battle Of The Wannabes

Q: Who is a better wannabe?

a) Bejin Hakumei
b) Anant~aka~Snarl
c) Photogenic Devil
d) All of above


sidspacewalker: This one's hard!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ballerina Blackouts

Ballerina Blackouts is the name of my own comic strip.

*junta claps*

I haven't given much thought to it though.

*junta loses interest*

But! But, I do have a clue!

*junta listens*

The idea is to create a 16 year old girl, facing everyday shit while struggling with her hormonal changes and new-found interests. This will be her tale wherein she will portray a rather weak character of an uninteresting person. She'll be the kinds who try and often fail but never really give in. The kinds who are a loser in almost every way and the kinds who often end up taking advise from their friends. She might occasionally get witty and be appreciated by the fellow characters.
The characters' name have still not been decided.
The confusion is because Indian names somehow suck when it comes to all this and well, Western names are not what I am looking for. One way is to chuck both Hindi and English and seek refuge in the ultra cool Japanese language but that option is ruled out because half of you won't appreciate it. So then the name deciding is left for later.

In the beginning, the strip will be uploaded randomly but after getting the Photogenic Devil and a few others to beg for it, I might as well make it weekly.

This is what it might look like, in all probability.

PS: If this continues, I might create a new label!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mic Testing

I am here to formally announce that I am fairly happy and contented for the time being.
The past few days have been a good (apart from random mood swings which keep happening to me) cause I completed a lot of manga(s), anime series, books and movies.

Here's the list of what is done:

Anime Series:
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

(A fellow anime lover suggested this awesome site called AnimeStash)

Anime Movies:
Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind
Spirited Away
My Neighbor Totoro
Perfect Blue
Tokyo Godfathers
Mind Game
Whisper Of The Heart

(AnimeStash is the site for this. Trust me!)


Watchmen (Graphic novel-revised)
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (Graphic novel-revised)
Persepolis (Graphic novel)
Diary (Novel by chuck Palahniuk)
Survivor (Novel by chuck Palahniuk)
The Depressed Person (Short Story by David Foster Wallace)
Love In The Time Of Cholera (Gabriel García Márquez)
Neuromancer (William Gibson)

(From the Fakir dude's collection except for Persepolis, which in turn, I read in Landmark itself)

The Bow
A Tale Of Two Sisters
Dil Se...
House Of Flying Daggers
My Girl
Peace Hotel
Search For One Eye Jimmy

(Watched all these on T.V. except Irreversible, for obvious reasons)

Angel Sanctuary
Appare Jipangu!
As The Death God Dictates
Binbou Shimai Monogatari
Himegimi No Tsukurikata
Living Game
One Piece
Camelot Garden

(OneManga has always been my favorite manga site)


Apparently, there's a lot more that I plan to do in the coming few days. Not to forget, I am churning out pages of shitty doodles everyday too.

Let's just say that I am busy out of my joblessness.

A new list of accomplishments... Coming Soon!
PPS: Perhaps.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

All's Well?

Apparently not. No comments to fart back at, all thanks to recession.