Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Uh yeah, this is (not so) unusual.

Now I know this blog has a certain image to it.
It talks about shit and all kinds of it.
I am also aware that I don't address issues. Important ones or the more important ones that have Rakhi Sawant in them.
I also know that that what I am going to talk about in the next few lines is of zero importance when you look at the big picture but I am going to do it anyway.

What happened on the 16th of December in our country's capital, New Delhi was sad. Sad beyond belief. There are several reports on rape and assault making some news every other day. What I am trying to say is, my feelings on the issue is merely a result of the hyper activity among the media, social activists, politicians and to put it bluntly, the mob.

Since I happen to be a person who prefers watching Thappad Padega Henry/Bas Karo Henry on Cartoon Network or Naseeb Apna Apna on Zee Cinema, what happens in the country, what happens of the popular opinion on the most popular current affair, the latest reason for the awakening of our nation and its people and all those kinds of things mostly doesn't affect me. Why? Well, I am not here to give justifications for my inability to feel for everyone and everything.
The thing is, this is not supposed to be a post where I say something profound or share a new vision or criticize the social media, comment on the people who wish for the rapists to be castrated or say as much as a word against the women's liberation activists who seem to be capitalising the situation well enough or anything about the law enforcement issues in our country and the inevitable politics that comes along with all of this. I will not comment on the the social barriers between men and women in our society, how this whole thing has somehow become a supposedly complicated and philosophical question that addresses the age old arguments on women v/s men, how everyone is fucked by the language they speak, how women are protesting saying "police ko apne haath mein choodiyaan pehen leni chaahiye", not realising that if they stand for equality, they are just not doing it right. I will not even try to figure out why women want to be treated as equals in the way the word equal means but make it a big deal when the police beats them with sticks much like they beat the other male protestors. I watch people rant without knowing what they are ranting about. I don't use the word 'mob' because those who are aware of what it means get offended. The internet has become a grand theater these days. Very rapidly everyone's Facebook picture is changing into black dots and more rapidly it is changing back into beautiful pictures of themselves in designer clothes that they could just not resist showing off. Ignorance is a strong trait in us. As disappointing this whole situation is and no matter how ridiculous everyone appears over the internet, most people just don't care to think. They are raged by something obviously hideous that happened a few days ago. I see people quoting various newspapers and magazines and putting it up as their status message telling others to copy the same message and demand capital punishment for the rapists. They don't understand that screaming off over the internet is only good enough to be used as a sub-sub-sub-sub story in a one hour argument on NDTV that has a quirky, opinionated news commentator (rather than a new reporter) playing judge for the arguments exchanged between four feminazi women seated in the studio and one minister representing the government, over the phone. People don't really care and somehow, they just do. It all just goes down to what's fresh and what's latest. Is it your birthday, the best day of your life, the day Sachin got retired, the day before Christmas, Christmas, the day you went out on the streets with thousands of others with a candle in your hand, the day you argued we should hang perverts by law, the day a girl got physically used by six men, the day her friend got beaten up for trying to save her?

The black dots just come and go. It doesn't matter. Sad.

PS: This gives this blog a new label- When I am Serious.