Monday, June 29, 2009

Realisations, Resolutions and Resurrection

Reading her last post made her realise the ever so subconsciously known fact that she sucked at writing in the third person and after a rather long and never ending break from the virtual world of the Wired, Bejin Hakumei is now back and she has vowed upon a certain loser's name (not yet known) to never bore her dimwitted blog friends, wannabe blog followers and the general junta with her retarded writing.

And now that she is so over the "third person" disease, she's also willing to make the resurrection of her ever so dead ambitions known to public. Alas, ambition would be too strong a word for a character so astonishingly weak as her, when it comes to resolutions, but it ought to be done.

Bejin looks forward to the day when she will get some serious art done. She is determined to make some hundred doodles everyday starting this July 20th. She has also from a certain Junkie, been inspired to do a little sculpting. She will also start her own art blog wherein she will upload her artworks, designs and other related stuff. She also plans to later make art on demand (i.e., when she has enough knowledge about the human anatomy, animation on paper, sketching, painting etc.)
She also plans to read all of what her brother left at home (part of them are done with already) and watch good cinema. Moreover, she shall watch anime like she never did and hell, she also plans on reading most of the manga up there on OneManga.

She plans to also...

Bejin Hakumei: Just don't keep farting all you like.

. . .

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Not That High

She is still fighting the nauseous, giddy feeling followed by a couple of strong drinks on the rocks. Yeah, she got drunk and it was the elite Johnnie Walker's Black Label worth some 5000 in the Indian currency.

Technically, this was her second attempt and having learnt from her first, that nothing could possibly give a thick skinned brat like her a high, she resort to get drunk a little over the edge this time in order to experiment with the alternative states of her consciousness. It was around six in the evening and she was over the internet and what followed after was something she was not too aware of but she does realise that she had been a major pain in the ass for many people.

The first time she had this acid like shit gulped down her throat, it was at her friend's place. Her friend was struck with the idea of getting high and there was absolutely nothing she could do to change her mind. What the other female did was amusing. She got a huge pile of clothes hiding within which a huge box containing a sealed "scotch whiskey". The idea was to take in some of it and then reviving back the original mark by mixing in some water, then replacing it inside her mom's closet. Hurriedly they opened the seal only to realise that they could fill in some water but they definitely couldn't get the seal fixed. Conveniently they filled in their glasses and laughed at the thought that it'll all be blamed on the servants, if discovered. After a shot followed by the random curses and cribbing over the disappointing taste, they resort to fill it in with water. But soon enough, they realised that there's a cork like valve which doesn't allow water to seep in through it. Now all they were left to do was to get it replaced completely, and how? Well, they could have just thrown it off had they been ignorant of it's damned price but then our very own Bejin Hakumei volunteered to take it back to her place and hide it in her room. Nobody at her place gave a shit so it was okay.

Anyway, so now was their turn to take in the full glass and relax in the room and utter shit and yet stay sane enough to face their parents. In fact, what's amusing is the fact that they never thought it'd get to them. They didn't make any arrangements. So, that was that. And yeah, all this while, they were in the bathroom attached to her friend's room in the first floor. Very safe a place indeed.

So then, Miss Hakumei wanted to get over with it first so she just took in the shit, the little bit that she could without barfing the rest on the floor. She then told her friend to have her share while she would stay in the room in order to shoo off any alien entering it. Bejin watched some T.V., felt her stomach boil, ate some pop-corn, felt it getting to her, watched some more T.V., felt herself getting tipsy, ate some more pop-corn then holding herself straight, she walked into the bathroom to see what the girl was upto and holy shit, she was holding onto the wash-tub uttering random gibberish. Now was Bejin's turn to get shit scared. Now, the intricate details of Bejin's attempts to get her friend to sleep will be skipped but yeah, it was tough for even for the mighty Miss Hakumei.

After getting her to somehow sleep, Bejin packed the bottle and everything, ran down the staircase, told her friend's granny that her granddaughter went off to sleep after a rough day's hard work. Bejin then just rushed back home. Maybe she was scared of getting caught or maybe because she could be accused of stealing an expensive intoxicating drink from her friend's place or maybe it was because her mom was calling her up every two minutes ordering her to come back home cause good girls don't stay out too late (it was 8:30 in the night), or maybe it was because she had her internet connection fixed after so long. Whatever it was, Bejin Hakumei was surely not her cool and calm self. So anyway, she rushed back home, hid in the stuff and thought of how the day went by. Now the crucial thing is, the first half of the day has still not been dealt with, which too was coincidently enthrilling. Anyway, Bejin lay on her bed thinking of how her dull and uneventful life had this rather interesting episode in it and then she pondered over the idea of how her friend got high and she was still sane enough. She was glad about the fact that none of them got caught and it was all thanks to her capacity for if she too had been high then the both of them would have been in deep shit but in the end she was just too upset over the idea that she didn't get to see herself getting high.

. . .

Now, last night's story starts from two days back when Bejin was ridiculed for being a failure, loser etcetera. She was emo, not because of the lame comment but because she too had immense faith in her rather low potential. Her long suppressed and ignored grief was very much felt. She was gloomy over the thought of not making it anywhere decent. She was terror stricken at the idea of going through the shit all over again. She was plain anxious. It was then that she resort to drink and get high on that one bottle kept inside her closet. After her parents left for a little outing of theirs, she immediately took out the bottle and took in a glass full, then another and then yet another! She still felt nothing change in her and she packed the whole thing back again cribbing for not being good at academics, for being a miserable failure, for sucking at art (her only hope) and most of all, for not getting high. Slowly it got to her, oh yes, it so did! And after that... she doesn't remember much of anything, except a friend calling her up to console her, another friend calling her up telling her to have lemon and tea and the ultimate, falling off from her chair, hitting hard on the edge of her bed and getting herself cut in the leg. Best, this time too, she didn't get caught. Man, she's too smooth a rustic!

On being interrogated, all she says is "What an experience!"

The Story So Far

Bejin's impatient blog followers: What good is a dead blog?

Bejin Hakumei: *smirks* Well, you see, I don't have write anything and you don't have to read anything!