Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Condensed Story Of An Apathetic Soul

Hers was a case that couldn't be helped. Apathy was what she suffered from.
When someone asked her, what she wanted to be when she grew up, she thought to herself:

"I want to be able to love. Unconditionally. To give and not want in return. To devote and commit to someone. A human. To feel a connection. To be able to touch someone and not feel awkward about it. To just, be and live and love."

She was sure of the answer until she changed it.

"A mother", she said. Then smiled.

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  1. I want to say something. This blog post however does not spark conversation though :/

    On a side note - I just imagined you as a mother and teaching your kids the importance of not spitting up on your issues of japanese anime collectibles (magazines etc -)

    They sadly do - even when they are 30 years old just to spite you.

    Anyway - hi !

    DO NOT GO AND WRITE A MEAN COMMENT ON MY BLOG AFTER THIS NOW. Be nice and filter what you plan to write so that I can understand it .